Namio Harukawa Original Work NO.218

Namio Harukawa Original Work NO.218

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One of the most influential Fetish Artist, Namio Harukawa's original art work!! one only!! Namio Harukawa has a long career more than 60 years as artist and illustrator. He express his fantasy of female soft bottom and Femdom. As he is one of the founder of "Femdom-art", his art attracts people from all over the creative field, includes Hajime Sorayama, Atsushi Tanigawa and Madonna. ■Untitled ■Autographed ■SIZE: 195 × 278mm ■Technics: Pencil & Color-pencil on Paper ■Year : Unknown 【春川ナミオ原画 NO.218】 ■Untitled ■サイン入り ■SIZE: 195 × 278mm ■技法: 紙に鉛筆と色鉛筆 ■Year : 不明